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Kea Schwarzfeld

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"The Power of Hula - Ka mana o ka hula"

Hawaiian Stage Play by Kea Martina Schwarzfeld


Kea has many years of experience in dancing and teaching the Hula. She sings, plays the Ukulele, Ipu Heke and many other Hawaiian instruments. She writes choreographies and is currently working at her first stage play “ The Power of Hula – Ka mana o ka Hula“.

If you want to contact her via e-mail please write to info[a]kea-schwarzfeld.de

A Few Questions

What inspired you to write a stage play?


Fourteen years ago I experienced the Hula for the first time. I didn't know at at that time that it will change my life. In deep respect for the Hawaiian Nation and its culture I wrote this stage play. I dedicated it to my first Hawaiian teacher, Nalani Keale.


What is "The Power of Hula - Ka mana o ka Hula" about?


I've been fighting against the prejudices about Hula for so many years now.


Like: "Hula... Of course, the sport with the hoop"


;-)Yes... exactly. This toy has nothing to do with the Hawaiian dance. This was just a marketing strategy.

My aim for doing this stage play was to inform in an enjoyable way.


...and to entertain?


Yes. Entertainment, laughing, singing, dancing, making musik and to express a lot of vitality, this has always been a skill of the Hawaiians. That's what we want to celebrate during this stage play. The audience as well as the actors are meant to have a lot of fun. If the actors don't have real fun, the play will not be authentic.


You're always talking about 'we'?


Well. Of course the main actors in the play are the women of my dancing groups 'Waipuhia' and 'Mele Aloha' as well as the kids group and other children from elementary schools.

Furthermore I am very happy that I have found several soloist dancers like Angelika Dammmerau, Evelyn Noack, Thorsten Flohè and Fabian Holzheid. I am very grateful that Peter van der Meer and his Ukulele players will do the life musik.

Stefanie Bothe will give a very experiened speaker. There will be some more artists.



You called the stage play 'The Power of Hula - Ka mana o ka hula'. Why do you add the English name as well? Isn't the Hula quite lovely and calm?


Good question... When I started writing the play I intended a different name: 'The danced way' as a hint to the evolving meaning of the dance. It felt inherently consistent. But during the preparation and our first rehearsal with the Hula dancing groups Waipuhia and Mele Aloha we gained so many new impulses and so much power. I knew: 'That is so much more than just a path. It's full of power and energy. The consequence to extravert this was to change the name.

The English addition is there because it's Hawaii's official language and our world language as well.

I feel as a citizen of the world and I want the meaning of this play to be accessible to everyone. The Hawaiian name is there to specify and as an act of respect to the Hawaiian nation, as the whole play is an act of respect to the Hawaiian nation.

All this i want to express in the poster for the stage play. I purposely renounce the wellknown clichees of rafia skirts and hibiscus flowers to make the audience curious for all the things to discover.


Thank you very much