Hier finden Sie Infos über die aufführende Gruppe "Waipuhia" aus Braunschweig.


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Mele Aloha

Hier gibt es Informationen über die Gielder Gruppe.


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Kea Schwarzfeld

Infos hier....



I want to thank every participant who joined in to make this project reality at as well as behind the stage.

You are great!


I particularly want to thank:

  • Angelika Damerau (solo dancer)
  • Axel Baumann (shooting)
  • Carola (flute)
  • Evelyn Noack (solo dancer)
  • Fabian Holzheid (solo dancer)
  • Hula dancing group of Altstadtschule elementary school, Salzgitter
  • Katrin Baumann (assistent)
  • Kea (writer, choreographer, solo dancer, chanter, ukulele artist, stage director ect.)
  • Mele Aloha (Hula dacing group, Gielde)
  • Noeha (Hula dancing group, Gielde)
  • Peter van der Meer (ukulele artist)
  • Stefanie Bothe (reader)
  • Thorsten Flohè (solo dancer)
  • Waipuhia (Hula dancing group, Braunschweig)
  • many other people - look at the german site

This list is in alphabetical order and will be complemented continually.

Thank you all for your joining in.