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Kea Schwarzfeld

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Dance Theater

The Idea of telling a story using the dance is not new. Hula does not only mean joy of life and expression via dancing. It's also singing, chanting and accompaniment with instruments as the Ukulele, Guitar and pumpkin drums (Ipu heke).

Every Hula tells a story. This stage play combines different hulas from different epoches, live music and performing arts. It shows the happy, colorful side of Hawai'i as well as more in-depth facts.

Stage Play

Hawaii – the honeymoon island, the desire of people with the travel bug, a paradise full of young pacific beauties, a place of clichees, Hula-Hula with women wearing raffia skirts, gorgeous sunsets, world's hardest triathlon and a mekka for surfers or something like that. That's what most people think about Hawai'i. But is everyhing as paradisiac as we may think?

With original Hulas, new choreographies, traditional chants, live music, Maori dances, live performing ukulele players and many small and grown-up Hula dancers this stage play tells a story which offers a view behind the curtains. Full of ravishing melodies and wonderful dances. Come and experience a wonderful stage play, get in contact with a exotic culture and join us for a trip to Hawai'i for an evening – A trip that will change you...

Pacific Sea is calling... Aloha!

The Story

A little girl discovers the world. From the first moment she is accompanied by her grandfather and together they discover the world. They gain insights into life and culture at Hawai'i and experience small and big miracles.